Who makes the best Mexican taco in Sydney?


Seems we’ve all got Mexican food in our head lately – it’s so delicious. With more and more options for Mexican in Sydney opening up around town, we’re spoilt for choice. But today we’d like to know – which Mexican restaurants in Sydney make the best tacos?

Avoiding some of the more obvious tex-mex chains like Taco Bill, which Mexican eateries do you find yourself returning to time and time again for amazing tacos? Are they Sydney’s best restaurants, or just some basic but hearty street vendors?

Let us know where to find the Mexican taco at its finest in Sydney in the comments below.


  1. El locco in surry hills rocks! They have naked tacos using lettuce instead of taco shells, and it’s only $5 each!

  2. Absolutely Dos Senoritas is one of the best. Also just found La Lupita in the Basement Sydney. They make their own flour tortillas onsite and fill them with slow roasted meats such as wagu beef, pulled pork etc.

  3. If you want good authentic Mexican food forget all those franchises like Guzman y Gomez or Mad Mex that will sell you over-priced mediocrity. The best Mexican restaurant that I have found so far is Dos Senoritas on Victoria Road at Gladesville. The owner is a Mexican from the cultural city of Guadalajara and the food is genuine non-pretentious Mexican food. They also have the traditional Mexican drinks (auguas frescas) such as horchata and jamaica in fact it is the only place in Sydney where I know you can get them.


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