Where are the best Mexican restaurants in Sydney?


In recent times, your choices for Sydney Mexican food are expanding. Where is the best Mexican food restaurant in Sydney?

Everyone knows about Mexican dining and why it’s so yummy. If you’re a frequent visitor to the best restaurants in Sydney for Mexican, who has the best Mexican food dishes?


  1. Azteca in Randwick, trully authentic cuisine, and the owner/operator is actually Mexican!!!
    Warm atmosphere and great food, highly recommended

  2. Aztec’s in Randwick. Authentic menu, the owner is a true Mexican. Ask him to teach you about tequila. You won’t regret it!

  3. Agree with Mauricio, El Cuervo on Enmore road for the best MEXICAN! None of this “cool kid” Surry Hills rubbish!

  4. Cuervo Cantina for sure!!! it’s on 200 Enmore Road and they have the typical Mexican food…no Tex Mex like other places… here they have mole, sopes, tinga… they even make corn tortillas by hand, their salsas are amazing…have to try it!