Where is the best local neighbourhood bar in Sydney?


The best Sydney pubs can, surprisingly, usually be found just up the street from your house. There’s so many secret back-street bars and hidden corner pubs around town, so what’s worth checking out?

It could be that you know of some great cocktail bars which are secreted away in your neck of the woods. Maybe your local has one of the greatest selections of tap beer in Sydney – everything from microbrews to the usual suspects.

Everyone is an expect when it comes to great bars in Sydney, but let’s focus on neighourhood bars. Where are Sydney’s great pubs outside of the CBD?


  1. I also love the Excelsior Hotel in Glebe. It’s only little but has the most excellent un-signed bands every week. The food isn’t bad and you can enjoy the music while sitting down (which suggests class to me) instead of jumping up and down like a nimrod, and you can still often hear the person next to you between songs. Nice to see a little pub that doesn’t care about pokies.

  2. Greystanes Inn has everything you want. Big out door areas, pool tables, TAB, lots of young and youngish people, decent food from a decent chef, draws and raffles and room for five hundred cars or so.


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