Where are the best late night or 24 hour bottle shops in Sydney?


Some nights, the celebrations just can’t stop, or you have the alcohol tolerance of Barney from the Simpsons. Everyone’s been in that situation – sometimes you just need to find a 24 hour bottle shop in Sydney – or at least, a late night alcohol shop.

Which outlet do you find the most reliable for selling alcohol late at night in Sydney when the party has got to keep on going?


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  2. No such thing. Law prohibits the sale of take away alcohol after midnight in NSW. After midnight you’re free to get drunk at a pub and start a fight, but you can’t do it in the safety of your own home. Makes sense right?

  3. As far I know there are no 24 hour bottle shops in Sydney, which dare I say, Melbourne is up on us in this regard

  4. Bonds corner fine wine in Northbidge is open till 8 everyday and 9pm on Friday and Saturday’s, they have a great range of booze and also have a comprehensive deli room for the lat snacks…not really that late but as good as it gets in the area