Who makes the best kebabs in Sydney?


We all be keen on kebabs and sauces that squirt out of them, but who sells the best kebabs in Sydney?

Perhaps you think you’ve located the best Turkish restaurant in Sydney which sells kebabs.

Where is the best kebab shop in Sydney?


  1. You don’t get good kebabs until you start going west! Hey hey kebab on Parramatta rd in Auburn is without a doubt the best – both drunk and sober!

  2. Another vote for Kebab World. I live 40km from Dee Why but never pass up the opportunity to get one if I am remotely in the vicinity of DY

  3. Forget your silly drunken moments, let’s talk sober taste!! Have been to a fair few myself, Istanville kebabs in Matraville are the winner! The right shop in the wrong place unfortunately. Give them a try if you’re around the way. And don’t forget to try their pides too, equally good.

  4. HANDS DOWN WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT – Kebab world in Dee Why make the best kebabs in NSW not just sydney. Double layered kebabs, absolutely jam packed with filling, you physically can’t eat 2 of them.

    If you are a kebab lover, give them a try – you won’t be disappointed I’m telling you now, they are an institution on the Northern Beaches.

  5. The kebab shop in Miller shopping center ( near Liverpool)
    Been lots of places but they, by far, make the best kebabs and do it consistently.

  6. Golden Pide in surry hills!

    That place pretty much sums up all of my drunken escapades of the past 3 years.