Where are the best jazz clubs in Sydney?


There’s quite a few Sydney bars these days which feature jazz bands as part of their live music lineup. However, there’s also a number of dedicated jazz venues in Sydney – and they have quite a passionate following. So where do you rate as the best live jazz music venues in Melbourne?

Maybe you know of a Sydney lounge which has a great curated selection of local jazz musicians, or perhaps you’re privy to a Sydney CBD bar which manages to attract a lot of international jazz talent. We want to hear about them all!

Share your nomination for the best jazz bar in Sydney below.


  1. Yes, you probably do ‘have to say’ Dome, Sarah, you work there – your name has a link to the venue! I wonder how many of these other ‘people’ are you in disguise? Sleazy stuff.

  2. Blue bangola great however can be $$ to get in, 505 was good however has not hip, Latin , rnb and funk as well as jazz and it’s $$$ to get in if your not a member and memberships over $100… DOME ha 4 nights jazz , membership is free and that gets u in 3 of 4 nights FREE. Dome is very classie and no more expensive than the others… Spice cellar is goo once a week and basement ….. Don’t bother! Sigma is ok… A little creative , but fun!

  3. Love the Jazz note, we moved here from Boise back in 89 and attended the Salt Palace (Jeff manloe/blue edwards/big t/hansen days)Utah/SLC sadly does not have an identity at all and over the years it’s been sad to watch the jazz note and colors fade away into the bland blue/black/light blue/dark blue/mountains logo. I understand marketing and $$$ but the low point was the black and teal logo the franchise has a style/logo/culture identity problem. I can’t tell if the current logo is supposed to be part western theme logo with a ice cold russian winter theme it’s direction is lost.I hope you bring back the Jazz note and Broadway lettering in some way. Sure Jazz has nothing to do with Utah but that’s not a bad thing.. give you franchise some style! If you abandon all colors at least I hope you bring back the note at the very least, we know the Jazz are the Utah Jazz so leave out the utah part in the logo. Thanks!Matthew

  4. DOME has great music and the food in the dining area is delicious. Looking forward to attending the new Motown nights on Mondays!

  5. wish I lived closer, I’d be there every night!! DOME offers a great variety of functions to suit everyone. Bar staff are friendly & helpful

  6. Dome bar and lounge has been one of my faverate places for jazz with heaps of international stars like Trisha evy and Geoff duff a definate for any one to check out

  7. I’d have to say DOME Bar Surry Hills. Wednesday and Thursday Jazz Nights are great, Offer free membership and great food.

  8. Hard to choose, but I love The Dome in Surry Hills on a Wednesday or Thursday Night.

    And Blue Beat in Double Bay always has the best


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