What are the best FM stations in Sydney?


There’s certainly no shortage of Sydney FM radio stations, and with broadcast radio so easy to listen to online, you can tune in from anywhere. Today we’re looking for the best FM stations in Sydney – taste is a matter of personal opinion, so here’s your chance to share your thoughts for those who are new to the city.

Let’s not forget some of those newer digital radio stations, either – if you don’t have a digital radio you can still listen on online radio.

If you’re a fan of the Kyle and Jackie O Show, presumably you can’t be unglued from 2 Day FM. Others wanting to get their fix of pop prefer Nova 96.9… maybe you prefer some more alternative Sydney radio like FBI FM or Triple J.

No matter if you’re after classical radio or something more modern – just as long as it’s not 2GB – next time someone asks you “how do I listen to radio online for Sydney FM stations?” you’ll have some places to send them. Share your favourite Sydney FM stations below.


  1. Tripple m , Matty johns and mark geyer as for AM big sports breakfast with TK and Slats on 2ky or the continuous call team on 2 GB


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