Where are the best locations for dog walking in Sydney?


Sydney is a city with tons of beautiful parks and gardens, most of which are dog-friendly public spaces. Where are your favourite locations for dog walking in Sydney?

Whether you’re training an over-excited puppy or minding someone else’s dog, we’re interested to hear your favourite dog walking locations. Is there a dog beach near you that’s always filled with pooches, or an inner-city park which has specific areas set aside for dogs to roam free?

Let’s not forget that the social aspect is important here too… some dog parks are great simply because they attract lots of other like-minded dog lovers. Who can resist laughing at piles of puppies rolling all over each other in the grass?

If you’re a dog owner, let us know your favourite locations for dog walking in Sydney and why they’re so great in the comments below.


  1. Love taking my babies to Cafe Bones in Leichhardt and around the bay run for exercise. They love to swim in the bay too (Drummoyne side)

  2. My favourie park is Blackwattle Bay in Glebe. It’s off leash and there are also a few places for pooch to have a swim. Bellevue House on the point is a lovely cafe with great coffee & food and is also dog friendly!

  3. The Coast walk from Coogee to Bondi it goes thru Waverley Cemetery, the earlier the better, because the joggers get a bit too much…

  4. Sydney Park is my favourite – the kiosk there does a fantastic egg and bacon wrap, and is perfectly located for watching the off-leash area.


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