Where are the best dog beaches in Sydney?


You love your dog, and there’s so many places to go for adventures with your dog around Sydney. Unfortunately, there’s not as many dog-friendly beaches in Sydney as we’d all like, but today we’re creating a list of the best dog beaches in Sydney. What is your favourite?

There’s nothing greater than seeing your dog run free on the beach and bound into the water for a paddle, then adorably shake themselves off after they gallop out of the surf. Are there any off-leash dog beaches in Sydney that you like to visit in particular?

We’ve heard great things about Cronulla’s Wanda Beach for dogs – great exercise to keep your dog healthy. Although there aren’t a great deal of dog beaches in Sydney, there’s apparently a few around if you’re willing to travel up to Woollongong or other surrounding areas – which great dog beaches have you found on your travels?

Let us know where you rate as the best dog beaches in Sydney and why your dog loves them so much.


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