Where are the best cosmetics and make up stores in Sydney?


Today we’re looking for the best makeup store in Sydney – and we need your help! “Where can I buy makeup?” is a question we hear all too frequently at Sydneyism.

Whether it’s decent make up on the cheap, or the best eye makeup retailer you’ve come across, share your insider secrets. Perhaps your favourite cosmetics boutique has a speciality such as in-house make up artists or they specialise in organic skincare. There’s a growing number of smaller independent retailers outside of the usual Westfield suspects, so we’re keen to hear if you’ve stumbled across any interesting finds.

So exactly where is the best store in Sydney for make up and cosmetics?


  1. Scotty’s Makeup Supplies on Broadway! They supply professional makeup artists and stock a lot of hard to get brands. The are waaaay cheaper than other high street stores and the staff really know what they’re talking about.


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