The best coffee in Sydney… and the best cafes in Sydney

Our Best Coffee in Sydney page has consistently been one of the most popular pages on Sydneyism. We’re not just obsessed with coffee, though – some cafes have developed cult followings for their specialty dishes. Find out the best on our pages below.

The best coffee in Sydney


The search for the best coffee in Sydney will never end, but we’ve got plenty of popular (and not so well known) cafes to try on this page.

The best Sunday lunch in Sydney


No matter if you’re a high tea or a yum cha person, we’ve got some ideas for the best Sunday lunch in Sydney.

The best chai latte in Sydney


Some people get pretty passionate about finding a decent chai latte – the proper stuff, not the awful syrup! Join our hunt for the best chai latte in Sydney.

The best banana bread in Sydney


Whether it’s fresh or lightly toasted, it’s a delicious snack. But who makes the yummiest, moistest, best banana bread in Sydney?

The best lunch in Sydney CBD


Finding a decent lunch option in the city is one thing – but finding somewhere that isn’t insanely busy and is affordable is even better. Join our discussion on the Best Lunch in Sydney CBD page.

The best $10 meals in Sydney


There’s some surprisingly amazing meals for under $10 if you know where to look. Check out the suggestions on our best $10 meals in Sydney page.

Even more posts about Sydney food

If you’re looking for the best cocktails or restaurants in Sydney, you’ll find loads of ideas in our Best Food in Sydney section.