Where are the best cinemas in Sydney?


When you’re checking out movies which are new in the cinema, which Sydney cinemas do you find yourself going to? Today we’re looking for the best place to see movies in Sydney.

Looking up a movie listing website doesn’t always mean you’re after the latest releases, though. Even if you normally going to a chain like Event Cinemas for 3D movies, you can often save on movie ticket prices with some of the smaller art deco theatres around town.

Let’s not forget how awesome outdoor Sydney cinemas are during the summer, either!

For those who are new in Sydney, where would you recommend as the best cinema in the city?


  1. Best cinemas in Sydney:

    Randwick Ritz Cinema – St Pauls St, Randwick.
    Palace Verona – Oxford St, Darlinghurst.
    Palace Cinema – Norton St, Leichhardt
    Dendy Cinema – King St, Newtown
    Hoyts La Premiere – Entertainment Quarter

    Sadly out in the suburbs there are no longer any good cinemas, especially since they closed the old Roxy at Parramatta and turned it into a horrible, garish nightclub. All they have now are soulless multiplexes, usually attached to big shopping centres.


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