Where is the best cheap hairdresser in Sydney?


If you’ve managed to find that rare find  – a hairdresser in Sydney who does an amazing job but at a low price – then this is the place to let the rest of us know about it! Today we’re looking for your recommendations on the best quality, yet cheap hairdresser in Sydney.

Maybe there’s someone you’ve been going to for years who has always done a great haircut, but their prices don’t seem to have moved out of the 1980s. Or perhaps it’s a new hairdresser in your suburb that’s opened up recently and is doing a great job with affordable prices.

We’ve also heard that the Sydney Academy of Hair, Beauty and Make-Up is a great place to go for an extremely affordable haircut. But have you been to their salon, and do they truly do a great job? We’d love to hear.

Let us know who you recommend as the best cheap hairdresser in the comments below.


  1. He doesnt have his own shop, he works from home but he is the best cheap hairdresser around. Does high lites and curly blowdries brilliantly for less than 100 dollars and does mens cuts fantastically and highly under rates himself. If anyone is intrested go to 371 enmore road, marrickville and his ad is in the window there. Go do it if you want a nice hairdresser thats brilliant and cheap


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