Who is the best carpet cleaner to deal with carpet flood damage in Sydney?


It’s time to help those poor folks who are urgently looking for a carpet cleaner in Sydney who can help with water damage on carpet. Damage from flood, whether it’s from a washing machine or a tap that won’t turn off, is never fun to deal with. If you’ve already gone through the pain of carpet flood damage in Sydney, let’s see if you can offer some advice.

Have you ever had to clean up water damage and restoration of your carpet? Anyone you can recommend, or perhaps suggest avoid? The prices for water flood damage cleanup can vary wildly, as most cleaners dealing with carpet flood damage in Sydney know that they have people who are in an emotionally charged state, and can subsequently charge what they like!

Maybe your cleaners offered some additional services, like mold removal.

Share your recommendation for dealing with carpet flood damage in Sydney, and comment with who helped you clean up water below.


  1. Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Wollongong helped me with wet rugs and carpets earlier this year. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone in the greater Wollongong area. I know it’s not Sydney… but.


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