Who serves the best breakfast in Sydney?


It’s way too bright outside, you’re barely concious, your head hurt likes hell, all you need is that delicious specialty from your favourite hungover breakfast in Sydney cafe… so where should you go?

Whether it’s in the CBD or the inner suburbs, or one of our brunch restaurants throughout the suburbs… maybe you’re partial to a fully-blown buffet breakfast!

So who provides the best food in Sydney for breakfast? Note your favourite breakfast cafes in Sydney below.


  1. Botany Bites is a new cafe in Botany. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu. Their big breakfast is amazing and huge selection of all the favourites. Thy also do great eggs florentine with home made smoked salmon fillet- it’s too delicious. Combined with campos coffee and excellent excellent service. This cafe is great value and definitely worth it.

  2. This is tough!! However two establishments clearly define them selves with friendly service, great-unique-fresh food! Bistro Même, Hunters Hill is great french provençal cuisine and Deck at Dee why, sun and sand casual aussie delicacies! Enjoy!!!!!

  3. definitely Bills – scrambled eggs with salmon, ricotta hotcakes, 9 grain porridge …. my stomach is rumbling as i type!

  4. Globe, Coogee. Eggs benny is the nuts with a Banana smoothie to kill for. The most free-est of free range eggs and quality sourdough bread to soak up all those jager bombs!

  5. wow this is a toughy. I have made it my current mission to sample them all. With the help of Not Quite Nigella, Time Out Sydney and I Am Obsessed With Food, I can say that Bitton in Ersko is right up there.