Who is the best barista in Sydney?


One of the most popular posts on Sydneyism for some time has been “Where is the best coffee in Sydney?” We figured we’d try another twist on this question – today we’re looking for the best barista in Sydney.

Although it might be tempting to immediately investigate the cafes in Sydney mentioned on our Best Coffee page, the most skilled baristas in Sydney can often be found in unsuspecting places. It’s clear when cafes in Sydney have employed someone who’s undertaken barista training courses or attended a barista school – their work with coffee is pure magic.

We’ve found that the blogs of coffee distributors in Sydney have often profiled some of the top baristas at their customers’ cafes, but we also want to know what you have to say. Who do you rate as the best barista in Sydney, and where do we go to taste their coffee magic?


  1. Johnny’s Window in Darlighurst
    Both Johnny & Sinead are the best by far.
    They won Best of Sydney in coffee two years running!
    Love their skill & their personality

  2. Hey, there’s a girl at Pablo&Rusty’s at Lane Cove who makes silky smooth hot chocolate with a smile!


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