Who makes the best banana bread in Sydney?


Oh god, is there anything more delicious than a well-made slice of banana bread? Toasted or fresh, as long as it’s moist and delicious then we’re all for it. But who do you reckon has the best banana bread in Sydney?

Maybe it’s a local cafe that prepares their own banana bread fresh each day. Or maybe there’s a local bakery that you’re certain makes the best banana bread in Sydney. What makes them so tempting, and where do we find them?

Bonus points if you’re nominating low fat banana bread (heh, we can dream). Let us know where to find the best banana bread in Sydney in the comments below.


  1. And as for Papa Joe’s future….“The sky’s the limit as long as we can sell to the end consumer at a good price”

  2. Dorothy, if you havent noticed,this is a forum about voting for a product, not a persoanl attack on somebody’s opinion or choice. Either way, nobody has snorted way “too must” coke, but thanks for your valued opinion.Just saying……

  3. Fleur de Lys is the BEST BANANA BREAD IN AUSTRALIA without a doubt. Any who argues this must have ruined their tastesbuds with too much burnt coffee or snorted way to must coke. As for the real bananas in Mama Kaz’s bread WHERE ARE THEY. Moist? It must have got in contact with the back of the fridge, the part that freezes over and turns to ice.

  4. Thanks for the vote guys greatly appreciated…we work hard to keep our Banana Bread natural and free of preservatives and fresh to markets around Sydney so everyone can enjoy…I look forward to hearing more about peoples experiences with our wonderful Banana bread….If I hear from more people I will create a special promotion for anyone who votes….Feel free to read our recent write up in the SMH Good Living…. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/restaurants-and-bars/leader-of-the-bunch-20110723-1htpg.html


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