Who makes the best bacon and egg roll in Sydney?


Grabbing a bacon and egg roll is pretty much the killer hangover cure. We’ve probably all had a few different bacon and egg rolls around town by now, calories be damned, so where do you think makes the best ones?

If you get on your bike on a weekend, you’re probably pretty familiar with the tradition of stopping off at a cafe mid-ride to grab a bacon and egg roll too!

Where do you reckon the best Sydney cafes for top notch bacon and egg rolls? Maybe any cafes that have an unusual method of preparation?

Nominate the best bacon and egg roll in Sydney below!


  1. Really?? It’s a roll, with a bit of bacon, and an egg…..its not rocket science! Sorry for being negative, but analysing a bacon and friggin egg toll!?! What a lame topic….

  2. Scrumptious Sandwiches in Centennial plaza Elizabeth st, Surry Hills- best bacon &egg rolls and burgers

  3. Just tried Palomino’s effort this morning (York Street, Sydney)
    Poached egg on a bed of spinch leaves, crispy bacon and holandaise sauce on a lightly toasted brioche bun.
    Goddam sensational.


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