Who serves the best American food in Sydney?


American cuisine might not be the easiest on your arteries, but it’s definitely one of the tastiest. There aren’t many restaurants to get American diner food in Sydney, so let’s share favourites.

It could be you’re aware of actual American restaurants in Sydney, or perhaps a cafe that serves a tasty breakfast American style.


  1. Jazz City? Really? That place lasting more than one rent cycle was a surprise.

    More votes for Blue Plate. In two and a half years since leaving New York, it’s been my little slice of home. Wings, crab cakes, and the deserts.

    A mention for Goodgod in the City, with some good pulled pork, and more than acceptable wings.

    And let’s not forget New Orleans Cafe in Crows Nest. Cajun food, and great for brunch.

  2. Blue Plate in Neutral Bay…as an American here is AU, that place keeps it real for Southern style soul food. You might not get a full run of the entire American buffet, but it is definitely good food. Crab cakes and Pulled Pork sandwich…yum.

  3. Why not Blue Plate? I am a recently transplanted American Expat. I’ve been surprised to find the portion sizes in Australia to be just as large as American portions. But, I do miss free refills.

  4. Jazz City Diner in Darlinghurst and Norfolk Hotel in Surry Hills/Redfern.

    Honorable mention to The Counter from Crow’s Nest. May it rest in peace :-(