What is the best adventure park or theme park in Sydney?


Let’s face it: everyone’s pretty damn excited that we’ll be getting our very own Wet ‘n Wild in Sydney. But there’s still plenty of other adventure parks and at least one existing theme park in Sydney – who do you rate as the best?

We all miss the fun of Australia’s Wonderland, if you were old enough to visit that particular theme park in Sydney. It’s sadly missed, and the very thought of that backwards roller coaster still freaks us out.

We’ve still got Luna Park, and it’s become a Sydney icon – but is it the best theme park in Sydney?

Let’s not forget that some of the most popular attractions in Sydney are the more humble adventure parks – home of go-karting, tobogganing, waterslides and more. Are there any local favourites that you rate as the best in the city?

Let us know your favourite adventure park or theme park in Sydney in the comments below.


  1. The best ones no longer exist as outlined by @Zubutsa. The first 4 listed were a staple of my 1980’s childhood. Thanks Zabutsa :OP

  2. South Curl Curl beach, apart from riding the wild surf you can rock hop, bum slide, washing machine, chain hang or just catch the rip to get out behind the break. Weather conditions permitting of course:-)

  3. “We’ve still got Luna Park, and it’s become a Sydney icon – but is it the best theme park in Sydney?”

    Unless I’m missing something Luna Park is the only theme park in Sydney. So the question is kind of pointless.

    In an around Sydney we used to have:

    1. Australia’s Wonderland
    2. El Caballo Blanco
    3. African Lion Safari
    4. Magic Kingdom
    5. Water Works (Mount Druitt)
    6. Bullen’s Animal World
    7. O’Neill’s Adventureland
    8. Manly Fun Pier
    9. Sega World (Darling Harbour)
    10. Old Sydney Town (Gosford)
    11. Fox Studios Backlot (Moore Park)
    12. Intencity (Westfields Parramatta)

    All of these places have long since closed and now the only theme park remaining in Sydney is Luna Park, at least until Wet n’ Wild opens in Western Sydney.


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