What is Sydney’s most awesomely dodgy bar or pub?


They’re the bars that carefully stand back while you suddenly lose your breakfast all over the table, clean it up, then gladly serve you another jug of beer.

The pubs with questionable sofas so crusty, you’re pretty sure you’ve caught genital lice by sitting on them.

The hotels that somehow remain open for trade despite Department of Health crackdowns.

You simply wouldn’t invite a boyfriend or girlfriend to any of them – yet somehow, they’re all brilliant. What is Sydney’s most awesomely dodgy bar, what hijinks have you seen within their walls, and what makes them so great?


  1. Randy wicks in Randwick….or the boatshed in Manly. Both disgracefully fantastic in the dodgy stakes. Pickled possum has nothing on them.

  2. Sadly all gone, but lock ins, chess with the owner at the bar, pouring your own drinks, jukebox and dancing on the couches & rolling on the floor of Barons in Kings Cross will always have a special place in my pants.

  3. Got to say Randi Wix on Avoca St Randwick – I don’t know if they still make “escapes” if they do then avoid at all costs if you want to remember your visit!