Where is Sydney’s best tattooist?


Finding a greatest tattooist in Sydney is often the initial task that comes to mind when you want to get tattooed. There’s quite a few tattoo stores around this city, but only a couple have a splendid reputation. Many are rather experienced in tattoo art of their own, handy if you don’t have some art plans of your own! Some provide other services like piercing as well.

If you’re into getting inked in Sydney, who do you award the best tattoo artist or shop in Sydney? What makes them so great? If you design a tattoo, do they provide any help and polish your art? Nominate your favorite tattooist in Sydney below.


  1. Wilson Arbis, his high quality work and amazing customer service puts him on top of the list. Check out his instagram account on @wilsonarbisarts.

  2. Get all my ink done at Eastside Ink, Bondi Junction. Professional, good pricing and always real. Some of my best laughs

  3. Dan from Electric Ink, Liverpool St is very good. Paulie does some amazing traditional American tats. The whole gang are great to be around