Where are Sydney’s best beaches?


When it’s time for fun in Sydney, the city flocks to our beaches. Where do you recommend as the top beaches in Sydney?

You also want to include how you spend your day. Do you take pictures of the beaches, go swimming, spend time on your tan, or something else?


  1. Being a nudist for many years..my favorite beach, is secluded, tucked away Reef Beach..just out from the Manly Aquarium and Baths,…where Rex Mossop did his best to have nude bathing banned, and where you are liable to meet the rich and famous in the starkers, who boat across from the various Sydney beaches, scattered around our beautiful coastline, however please note for nudist beginners..the Policemen and Policewomen sunbathing next to you wear no clothes also..and its very hard to buy an ice cream without your trousers…fair dinmum..pj

  2. Mahon ocean pool at the north end of maroubra beach.
    Also little bay is a rare treat and has the feel of being on the south coast