Where are the best Sydney pubs with pinball machines?


Those of us who grew up with pinball machines know just how damn fun they are. Sure, modern arcade games are a bunch of fun, but who can explain why a silver ball rolling around on a pinball table is so enjoyable? They’re even more enjoyable when accompanied by a pint of your favourite brew, so today we’re looking for the best Sydney pubs with pinball machines. Do you have any local bars you can suggest?

Most Sydney pubs with pinball machines usually only have one machine, if you’re lucky… we’re thinking of the classics like the Addams Family, Terminator 2 and the Twilight Zone pinball games. Some Sydney pubs have multiple pinball machines, though – which ones can you recommend?

Let us know where you rate as the best Sydney pubs with pinball machines, which games they have, and why they’re so good!


  1. City Heroes Pool Hall (underneath Event Cinema’s in George St, Sydney) now has the largest collection of pinballs in the Sydney CBD, with 10 titles that include Star Trek Limited Edition, Metallica Limited Edition, Tron, Xmen, Spiderman, Lord Of The Rings, Big Buck Hunter, Monster Bash, Twilight Zone and Safe Cracker (the only one on location in Australia)!


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