Sydney public transport and infrastructure

If you’re looking for popular opinions on CityRail and buildings in Sydney, you’re in the right place. Locals have voted on how we can improve Sydney public transport and ugly buildings in Sydney which need a makeover. View the most popular opinions on these pages.

The most ugly buildings in Sydney

OK, we all know that the UTS building takes the crown when it comes to ugly buildings in Sydney… but there’s quite a few other ugly pieces of architecture around town which we love to hate. Join the discussion on the most ugly buildings in Sydney.

Where Sydney needs a new train line

Which suburbs of Sydney are too far away from CityRail stations? There’s lots of theories on where Sydney’s next train line should be placed – have your say on where Sydney needs a new train line the most.

Improving public transport in Sydney

Everyone’s got ideas on how we could improve Sydney’s public transport network. Whether it’s implementing a metro-style train system in Sydney, building a larger network of tram services or improving bus routes, have your say on how we can improve public transport in Sydney.

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