What are your favourite stereotypical messages sent to Sydney’s mX newspaper?


Most of us grab a copy of Sydney’s free mX newspaper on our commute home, and there’s no denying that it’s a pretty light-weight read. That said, a lot of us love the Talk section of mX, which is really just a series of SMS rants sent in by commuters. What are your favourite stereotypical messages sent to mX that keep popping up in this column, over and over?

There’s always a number of overheard conversations which are texted in to mX… but we’ve noticed some conversations seem to pop up again and again. Have you noticed any of these?

Or perhaps you’ve read the somewhat tragic “Here’s Looking at You” section, in which readers write messages to others on public transport in the hopes they’ll reply and set up a date. Are there any soppy messages which keep appearing over and over in this section of mX?

Share your favourite stereotypical rants and messages which you always see in mX in the comments below.


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