The best suburbs in Sydney

If you’re searching for a suburb in Sydney to live in, these are the posts for you. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to be looking for the best suburbs to invest in Sydney, or just want to know the best suburbs in Sydney’s south west, north shore or other regions. These posts with opinions from real Sydney residents will have you covered.

The best suburbs in Sydney 

Moving home, looking for the best suburbs to invest in Sydney, or simply wondering where most Sydney locals reckon the best suburbs in Sydney are? Our Best Suburbs in Sydney page is for you.

The safest suburbs in Sydney

Trying to buy a cheap and safe unit in Sydney? A house in a more secure area? Find out if the Sydney suburb you have in mind is a safe suburb. Our safest suburbs in Sydney page has all you need to know about suburb safety in Sydney.

The best investment suburbs in Sydney for buying property

Some Sydney suburbs are much more affordable to buy a property in, but which Sydney suburbs offer the best return on investment? Get advice from residents who’ve lived in these suburbs for years on our best investment suburbs in Sydney page.

If money was no object, which Sydney suburb would you live in? 

Just for fun, we’ve been asking everyone which Sydney suburb they’d live in, if money was no object. There’s some pretty interesting and surprising answers here. Don’t forget to add your response to which Sydney suburb you’d live in if money was no object!

The best reasons to live north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

There’s some myths, legends and truths about why people enjoy living north of the Harbour Bridge and around the northern beaches. Read opinions from locals in Sydney northern suburbs on the best reasons to live north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Even more posts about the best Sydney suburbs

There’s lots more posts about the best and worst Sydney suburbs on our main Sydney Suburbs page.