Streets in Sydney

Looking for fun information about some of the weirdest, most dangerous or steepest streets in Sydney? Check out some of our most popular posts about Sydney streets – everything from the most dangerous intersections to the funniest street names in Sydney.

The steepest street in Sydney

The steepest of steep streets in Sydney are on this page. From well-known steep Sydney streets like Double Bay’s Attunga Street to more obscure streets, check out our list of the steepest streets in Sydney here.

Weird and awesome Sydney streets 

These are the Sydney streets with bizarre layouts, the most unusual and interesting groups of people, unexpectedly beautiful views in the middle of nowhere, and more on our list of weird and awesome Sydney streets.

The worst streets in Sydney for McMansions

Some streets and suburbs are notoriously bad for McMansions. Where do you reckon the worst are? Sydney locals have voted on our worst Sydney suburbs for McMansions page.

Funny street names in Sydney

Can you beat Butt Street in Surry Hills? Perhaps Lois Lane in Pennant Hills? Add to our list of funny street names in Sydney.

Sydney as a Monopoly board

There’s already an official Sydney edition of Monopoly available, but we wanted to know what a more realistic version would look like. What would the cheapest and most expensive suburbs really be on a Monopoly Sydney board?

The most dangerous intersection in Sydney

There are some seriously dangerous traffic intersections in Sydney out there. Help us compile a list of the worst on our most dangerous traffic in Sydney page.

Even more posts about Sydney streets

There’s plenty more posts about interesting Sydney streets in our Sydney Suburbs page.