Where is your favourite place for an evening stroll in Sydney?


Going for a walk at dusk in Sydney can be truly spectacular: we have so many beaches, clifftops and harbour views where it’s spectacular to watch the sun set. What are your personal favourite places for an evening stroll in Sydney, and what makes them so good?

Perhaps it’s just a little-known area of parkland around your local suburb. There’s lots of beautiful creeks and rivers around Sydney that are transformed into something beautiful in the golden glow of twilight. Are there any places around your suburb that are particularly pretty to walk around in the evening?

Or maybe there’s particular walks around Sydney that you’ll go out of your way to visit in the evening, especially on weekends. What trails and places are great for an evening stroll?

It could be that you’re lucky enough that your commute home from work is a particularly scenic place to walk in the evening (we’re jealous!)

Let us know your favourite places for an evening stroll in Sydney in the comments below.



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