What is your favourite one hit wonder from Sydney?


They’re daggy, they’re forgotten about moments after they first appeared, and they’re usually catchy as hell: one hit wonders will continue to be with us until the end of time. But which one hit wonders from Sydney still raise a smile for you?

Perhaps they were a soap star who tried, like so many before them, to give a pop career a crack. Maybe it was a local DJ who struck it big then disappeared into nowhere. Or perhaps it was even a Sydney actor who seemed destined for great things then disappeared into nowhere.

Sydney has also generated its fair share of one hit wonders on reality TV – nobody can forget Sara-Marie Fedele’s stint on Big Brother. Although Sara-Marie seems quite content to be living outside of the limelight these days, can you think of any others?

Let us know your most memorable one hit wonders from Sydney in the comments below.


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