If you were forced to leave Sydney, what would you miss most?


Imagine the unthinkable – you’re forced to leave Sydney for some reason, and leave this beautiful city behind.

Obviously, you’d miss your friends and any family you have here. But what uniquely Sydney things would you truly miss about the city?


  1. I would miss the views of the Harbour Bridge & the harbour in general, from the high rises in the CBD, on a clear summer day

  2. Everything. I recently left Aus to come back to America. Nothing like the Australian people and the Sydney atmosphere, especially around Darling Harbour

  3. The busy big city vibe. The architecture. George Street. The Sydney Symphony. The attitude of the city, that everyone is proud and confident yet casual and relaxed. How people mostly ignore each other but are polite and kind when necessary.

  4. The drive into the city through harbour bridge, catching a glimpse of the blue waters. And knowing that anytime I’m in the city, the harbour is just a walk away…

  5. also there is nowhere in Australia where I can live in the oldest european settlement with all those beautiful historic houses and buildings


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