If Sydney was a videogame, what would be the game-end boss?


Imagine for a second that Sydney was actually a video game. What would the game-end boss be?

Maybe it’s a certain part of Sydney that’s a pain in the arse to drive around.

Perhaps it’s some ridiculous CityRail mission that you have to overcome.

Or could it be that the final game-end boss is a gigantic Nathan Rees mutated by a nuclear meltdown, swinging from Centrepoint?


  1. I’ve always thought Sydney was a lot like GTA.

    The map of Sydney reminds me of the one they gave out with GTA 3. They really look similar with small, clearly defined districts identifiable by the people who walk around (triads/bikies/hipsters) with red light districts and nicer areas all within walking distance. Plus surrounded by water which serves to stagger your progression…

    Transport is pretty woeful, one train every 15 mins that doesn’t even take you where you need to go anyway.

    Eerily sparse – just not enough people walking the streets for a ‘major’ city.

    But ultimately very enjoyable and would always come back to it

  2. If Sydney was a video game… a Sim City style one. You’d spend the whole game battling NIMBYs every time you tried to fix a problem with the city or have something built, and end up getting nothing done. The boss would be Balmain and Marrickvile, and trying to get anything at all done there.

  3. if sydney was a video game it would be Sh*t!

    or like simcity

    help build the rail network and roads
    help the ecomoy make some money
    or GTA: bike gangs n all

  4. Clover Moore and she attacks you with legislation. The only way to free the city is to start a rebellion with twitter. All your minions are controlled by the tweets you make.

  5. The NSW Labor party. It seems pretty easy to beat them, but somehow they always come back…

  6. it would be all fantastic graphics round the harbour, then bugger all past that – so it would crash, all the time, and you’d never find out what the end was


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