If money was no object, where would you live in Sydney?


mansionIf you suddenly found yourself with an enormous pile of cash to spend, which suburb would you move to in Sydney?

There’s a lot of choices… do you go for a loft in the city? A converted warehouse in some of the city’s cooler suburbs? Some swish inner city location where the party never stops? Or perhaps somewhere a little further out, where it’s more scenic and quiet?

Let everyone know where you’d set up sticks if you had the cash, and why.


  1. Vaucluse / Bondi – I’m going to live there someday. no doubt in my mind. it’s going to be a while. i’m on my way.

  2. There are units right next to Sydney Harbour Bridge and they’re actually housing commission units. I’d love 1 of them, I also love Newtown.

  3. Waterfront property overlooking Port Hacking River in the Shire. Beaches, bush and shopping – no need to head anywhere near city smog and thousands of people crowding you.

  4. Hornsby Heights because it is surrounded by oxygen-rich forests and has some great bush land parks, is reasonably close to the Northern beaches, has virtually no crime and is very peaceful.

  5. Southern CBD, on George Street, at the top of the World Tower. For the view down the man made canyons of the city.

  6. I’ve daydreamed about this so many times haha. I’ve also come up with multiple answers, but the one I stick with most often is in a huge Victorian at Kirribilli.

  7. In the CBD, high up above everyone with a view down to busy George Street. And within walking distance of everything I’d ever need.

  8. Definitely some place in the city of Eastern suburbs, I want to live in a cute old terraced house within a bus ride or walk to shops and the beach.

  9. I’d move to Sydney in a heartbeat. The location must be within walking distance of a train or ferry stop. I won’t walk uphill 80 steps to get home. It must be close enough to David Jones Food Court and Wynyard Station so my takeaway stays warm or cold until I get home.

    If I give up the 80 steps, I know the perfect place. It’s several houses up the bay in Mosman.


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