How would you try to solve Sydney’s city violence problems?


There’s been a lot of press coverage over the months about violence in Sydney’s CBD – particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings. Hotels, nightclubs and nights out will always be a fact of life – so how do we manage those who cause trouble for everyone else?

What ideas do you think would work in solving violence problems in the city? How would you change strategies that have been tried already? Share your ideas below.


  1. The most proven and best way is a heavy police presence which if their pay and conditions were better it might encourage more recruits which would enable higher police presence in the most troubled areas of the community

  2. It’s not so much the bogans, it’s the hot-blooded, young dickheads that feel they need to flex their ‘masculinity’ anytime someone even LOOKS at them! Too much testosterone! & these guys come in all different shapes & sizes, not just the ‘bogan’ kind.

  3. tighter RSA, and more visible policing would be a good start. i think someone in the news suggested a “no bogan” policy a while back, which would probably solve the problem over night.


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