How would you improve Sydney’s public transport system?


It’s tempting to whine about what’s no good with Sydney public transport, so how would you upgrade the existing setup?

Perhaps you’ve got views on staffing or operating hours.

Here’s your chance to advise State Government on how you’d do a worthier job.


  1. monthly passes which would cover everything! this is common in Europe. What the hell are these weekly/daily bus PAPER tickets??!!!

  2. Improve public transport ….. make it same as Paris. Change trains 3 or 4 times to get somewhere. Makes it more efficient.

  3. Would never have got rid of the trams they were stupid for doing that now they are looking at extending the light rail

  4. Remove all cars from the CBD (or make a considerable congestion charge) – make glebe island , driver avenue fields (moore park) and parts of everleigh all park and ride mass parking destinations allowing drivers to park and ride easily and freely into the city from those destinations. you could make the car-less journey on bus from circular quay to one of those three destinations in some minutes. Use the congestion charge to fund mass transit improvements? Certainly single occupancy cars should not be allowed AT ALL into the city except vacant taxis.

  5. The buses are terrible but it’s not their fault as traffic in Sydney is atrocious! I think focusing on more trains and light rail is the best way to go. Either that or build everyone a tardus!

  6. Definately bring back Trams, or light rail. I catch the 343 line of buses every day which runs from city to eastgardens, and it is shocking! Always late, sometimes don’t show up at all, and end up waiting half an hour instead of 15 mins. And some of the buses are so old with no air con.

  7. Make like the Singaporeans do and have the buses & trains run to no schedule – because they run all the time. Never need to wait for more than 5 minutes ever. Would require that they make some of the larger stations that sit outside of the city into “hub” stations – for example, Strathfield, Chatswood & Hurstville. All trains stop here & you ned to change – but you change onto “shuttle” trains that then run to no timetable because they run all the time and stop all stops, the carriages may have few seats but it’s only ever ten or fifteen minutes ?

  8. Honestly, I have great respect for Sydney’s public transport – I am traveling around a lot from acting job to job and the City Rail trip planner is always my first choice – it works well, as does the whole system

  9. How about, when upgrading lines and adding more tracks, save future embarrassment by adding 2 or 3 lines rather than just 1 (which will already be insufficient by the time it’s complete), seriously.

  10. I would also like to introduce a refund policy. If your train is late, your fare is refunded.

    This increases the pressure to get trains in on time. It would make those comuters who just paid $5 – 10 to be late to work satisfied that they were not the only ones inconvienienced.

  11. Get experts from Japan, New York and London to overhaul our network. Build it out like a spiders web instead of the “star” it is now (where the centre is the city).

    An example of inefficiency is catching a train from Lidcombe to Macquarie university – total travel time on train is 1.37 hrs. Total drive time (with traffic) 24 mins.

    Another thing would be getting rid of those paper tickets… Come on Sydney, it’s like we’re lagging behind from the rest of the world, by 10 years!

  12. I have just been living in Townsville. Sydney’s transport system is awsome to me at the moment as Townsville has very little. Maybe every body just expects to much.

  13. Yes, trams are a must even though we love to hate trams u have to Love their teams, the system just works.

  14. having stood at the eddy ave bus stops, I can see why the gov wants to bring back trams..I counted 21 891 UNSW expresses leave FULL in 15 mins! Raceday is a nightmare in the east..Trams make sense!

    Also, High Speed Rail through to Canberra..will open up Sydney’s catchment areas so that people can live further out and still work in the city

  15. Remove buses from CBD,introduce light rail, loading zones only until 9am. Remove some bike lanes.Create more pedestrian plazas.

  16. Use a highly recognizable icon, such as London Transport’s Underground one, for CityRail entrances. Some are very hard to notice. Also, CityRail should run its best maintained trains on the airport line, instead of its worst, in order to give a good first impression.