1. When its cold and raining… sorry could not help myself but 2011 / 12 “Summer” has been a shocker.

  2. When Tama – Bondi is packed with sculptures and tourists, cafe’s sell icy poles along bondi beach, and nobody bothers even wearing shorts, just swimmers

  3. When you’re in Town Hall station and get water sprayed into your face.
    When every banker suddenly looks like Agent Smith, sun glasses and suits.

  4. Checking the weather and having a week of 27-30 degrees = day at the beach, buying ice cream and having it start to melt as soon as you leave the store, too many flies during the day and mosquito bites at night.

  5. BBQs, swimming in pools and beaches, staying indoors 24/7, customers at work mentioning how much they enjoy your shop’s air con, when blow drying/straightening your hair makes you hot and sweaty, crickets and cicadas, sleeping naked, eating ice creams more, when you wish it was Winter again, your game consoles and computers overheat, etc…

  6. When the cicadas start up, the flies reappear, the Koel carols throughout the night and the native Christmas Bush starts to rouge up!

  7. When there’s a festival every weekend, it’s too hot to sit in the sun at lunchtime (and slyly tan), summer fashion is on sale (already!), there’s a bushfire or two around, the cliffs between Bondi and Tamarama are packed with sculptures (and people), the un-air-conditioned buses and trains are stinking hot, and you don’t mind going to work sometimes just for the air-con.


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